Toddler Program

Two Toddler rooms are available for all children ages 18 months to three years of age. The Toddler program is designed to meet the expanding needs of our young learners. One of the main goals for toddlers is to provide developmentally appropriate activities - encouraging social, emotional, and language development. All children are encouraged to develop self-help skills as well - learning to clean up their toys, use spoons and forks, use a cup for drinking, and beginning to be interested in using the potty.

Children in the Toddler program have a schedule each day which includes breakfast, circle time, outdoor/large motor activity, and reading stories and music, lunch, naptime, snack time, and free play. Many opportunities for solitary and parallel play are available, all of which leads to cooperative play.

Toddlers also engage in many tactile experiences such as coloring, painting, pasting, tearing paper, taking walks, completing puzzles, singing, moving to music, reading books and exploring the sand and water table. Both of the toddler rooms are designed for active learning experiences.