Infant Program

Infants in this program range in age from 8 weeks to 18 months and are enrolled in one of two classrooms based on their stage of development. The first infant room includes babies who are not yet standing and are drinking formula or breast milk from a bottle. The second infant room includes babies who are standing steadily, trying to walk, drinking from a sippy cup, and are eating mostly table food. The loving and nurturing staff in these two classrooms prepare the rooms for the safety and security of each baby. Each baby follows their own schedule - sleeping, eating, and playing are all accomplished individually. A daily written report helps parents know what their baby did during the day so that the transition back home is effortless.

The two classrooms provide a variety of soft toys, developmentally appropriate activities and materials to promote small and gross motor skills. Each infant is encouraged to explore and discover their environment every day. Music, reading, and art activities are also an integral part of the day for each infant.